Karol Tyminski

Täglich 25.–27.11

Accessibility: This performance was developed for visitors with and without hearing disabilities.
Harbor explores the relation between the body and music. In the presence of only one viewer the artist plays a piece created as a physical, not sonic, experience. The sound transducers used during the concert, placed on the spectator’s body, vibrate not only according to the formal musical logic, but also reflect its emotional dimension. Harbor is a metaphor for a body which is washed over by acoustic waves that are set into motion by the performer. Their varying intensity and rhythms transform the bodily tissue into a musical landscape.
The performance stems from a challenge that has been placed by the members of the Polish hearing impaired association. How to translate the complexity of a sonic composition into pure physical experience? Tyminski, playing live, establishes intimate relations with the spectator while guiding them not only through physical experience of music but as well through distant-touching of matter that is both non-human and human.
music, scenography, perf: Karol Tyminski. musical advice: Kuba  Krzewiński. Prod: Anna Makowska, Automatophone with support from Krytyka Polityczna.
The presentation of Harbor is supported by Polish Culture Worldwide program of Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Karol Tymiński Harbor Daily 25.–27.11.22 at Holzwerkstatt behind Grosse Halle.


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