From the Throat to the Dawn (solo version)

Sorour Darabi


20:00 Grosse Halle

A place emerges, holding us as a whole at the same time as many intimate, social, political fragments.

An affective landscape envelops us in the skin of a futuristic fantasy awaiting a belated renaissance.

A place where we are not just political concepts, but emotional landscapes that slowly morphs those they look at. Where the skin is as thick as a body itself and as fragile as the liminal of two screams. Where our bodies of rage – our transformative power, create substance of tear, sweat and voices to quench the earth’s thirst.


Concept, choreography, text and performance: Sorour Darabi. Music composition and live performance: Pablo Altar & Ange Halliwell.

Sorour Darabi From the Throat to the Dawn (solo version) on Saturday, 26.11.22, 20 h at Grosse Halle.

Tickets directly at the door (Cash/Twint), no reservation needed. Pay what you can. Indicative price for a day pass 10-40CHF