Criptonite - Pleasure



Edwin and Nina, in their wheelchairs, in front of a dark concrete background. Nina, a white person with a short round body, is on the left. She is wearing a tight red and white t-shirt that says “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” and a dark red plaid short skirt, as well as black tights. Her shoulder-length brown hair with peachy streaks is half pulled up on both sides and she is wearing dark red lipstick. One eye is made up in blue, the other in pink, and the work BITTER is written in black eyeliner on her cheek. She is laughing into the camera with a feisty come-hitherlook in her eyes, her hand is resting on her upper leg.


On the right is Edwin, a short brown-skinned person with a black afro. They are wearing black leather pants and a black top covered with silver zippers that has cutouts on the arms. They are wearing black lipstick, reddish-gold eye makeup and a black choker. They are facing the camera, their face is tilted to the side and they sport a big, naughty grin.

Criptonite - Pleasure



Accessibility: Audio description and subtitles are provided for this performance.


We surrender to a night of pleasure as Criptonite invites us into the underworld. Surrounded by the rivers of hatred, of wailing, of fire and oblivion, we find ourselves on the islands of pleasure, celebrating the coexistence of pain, pleasure and kink. What does it mean to negotiate consent with the audience in a pleasurable way, through movement and care?


Criptonite is a Zurich-based crip-queer theatre project by Edwin Ramirez and Nina Mühlemann. In their projects they center the work of disabled artists and use pleasure as a form of resistance.


Guest Performances:

Flor Ème – Flor pays cripage to Latin America’s most macho dyke, Chavela Vargas. By dancing on Chavela Vargas’s interpretation of traditional mexican song La Llorona, Flor plays with the tragic image projected on (hir) handicap, with the pleasure of sadness, and with our relationship to the crip body.


And Consuela del Valle Grande: Reggaeton-Performance.


Concept & Performance: Nina Mühlemann & Edwin Ramirez.

Stage: Theres Indermaur.

Lights/technical direction: Marek Lamprecht & Iris Rohr.

Sound: Susanne Affolter.

Dramaturgy/audio description: Kathrin Veser.

audio description consultant: Tilmann Sailer.

Outside Eye: Rafal Pierzyński.

Costume design: Ernestyna Orlowska.

Choreography: Alessandro Schiattarella.

Production: Camille Jamet.

Surtitles/Production Assistance: Sarah Schoch.

Criptonite Pleasure on Friday 25.11.22, 20:30 – 22:00h at Grosse Halle.


Tickets directly at the door (Cash/Twint), no reservation needed. Pay what you can. Indicative price for a day pass 10-40CHF