In the eye of the storm this year’s BONE Performance Festival 2022 focuses on concentration. Bone DEEP_FOCUS creates spaces of encounter and exchange at the intersection of club culture and activism.

The current geopolitical situation is showing us once again and with brutal force what needs to remain always and now, especially at the core of our work: strengthening mutual solidarity and support, equitable distribution of resources, thinking beyond common stereotypes, and awareness of privilege. Therefore, DEEP_FOCUS wants to create spaces where artistic experiences of togetherness, exchange and joy can be made, where we practice collective pausing, feeling, looking and listening. Without, however, neglecting questions of violence in cultural spaces. In order to explore this, we would like to create concentrated spaces in which artistic works occupy more space and time and artists and audience can meet.

The first event on Friday will be a collaboration with the Zurich duo Criptonite. Their late-night show Pleasure brings together pain, pleasure and kink, joy and exhaustion, and focuses on the work of disabled artists. For Saturday, the Bernese initiative blaque /bla:k/ by café révolution is once again collaborating with BONE. Day and night, the political potential of the club space will be explored together with the audience, DJs and performers from all over Switzerland. On Sunday, infinity rug from Berlin will bring the festival to a close. Wrapped in soft blankets, accompanied by poetry and a full-body sound experience, the focus here is on the question of togetherness and care.

The three days of the festival will be complemented by three international works that will be presented in Switzerland for the first time at BONE 2022. On Saturday Sorour Darabi will show From the Throat to the Dawn (solo version) and on Sunday caner teker grounds for refusal. All those who are looking for a moment of intimacy and tranquility during the three days of the festival, Karol Tyminski also invites you to Harbor. A 1:1 concert, which is perceived not by hearing, but by the whole body.

So, from November 25 – 27, Grosse Halle at Reitschule Bern will become a zone of respectful interaction, sensual experience, shared pain and solidarity through day and night. Together, these spaces will be created and sustained in the here and now.

Date: November 25 – 27, 2022

Place: Grosse Halle, Reitschule Bern

Website: www.boneperformance.com 

IG: @bone_performance

PRICE POLICY (day passes)

10.- BONE loves us

20.- it’s casual

30.- we love BONE

40.- we deeply love BONE

Artistic direction: Phila Bergmann & Thea Reifler in collaboration with Criptonite (Friday) and blaque /bla:k/ by café révolution (Saturday). 

Management: Marina Porobic

Technical direction: Demian Jakob

Light/Sound: Alina Moser, David Schwander

Curatorial Assistants: Lena Pfäffli, Matthias Foff, Vanessa Bosch

Thanks to: HKB, Bühnen Bern, Pflanzenbrocki Bern, Gessnerallee Zürich

About BONE

BONE Performance Festival, an annually established platform and meeting point for the national and international performance scene. It connects local institutions and artists of different backgrounds, professionals of the cultural landscape with a diverse audience. It has been an integral part of cultural life in Bern since 1998 and has presented formats that are constantly evolving and changing according to current focuses and concerns.